Research Philosophy

Our research Group primarily focuses  on 

(1) Surface-Enhanced Spectroscopy

(2) Core-Shell Nanoparticles 

(3) Surface/Interface Catalysis 

Research Focus


Core-Shell Nanostructures for SHINERS and SERS

Our group focus on a variety of nanoparticles that have ultrahigh Surface-enhanced Raman scattering

Surface/Interface Catalysis (Thermal/Photo Catalysis)

In situ studies of catalytic processes by various spectroscopic techniques are of significant importance in heterog

Plasmon-Enhanced Fluorescence and other spectroscopies

As an important part of plasmon-enhanced spectroscopies, metal surface-enhanced fluorescence provides an effective approach for surface analysis and detection

Design and Reveal Mechanism of Novel Energy Storage Materials

Energy storage devices such as lithium ion batteries, sodium ion batteries, lithium-sulfur batteries lithium-air play an important role in the modern intelligent society